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The Middlesbrough Promise aims to improve the life chances of our youth by encouraging children and young people to reach their maximum potential through reading.

We need you to help our children to know the importance of reading and raise the overall literacy levels of children in our town. Research shows that children who read from an early age will have a higher standard of living, more opportunities to succeed in all areas of life and there is even a direct link with achieving long term health as children progress into adulthood.

Through a simple pledge to read more, children are broadening their own horizons and opening their minds up to a whole new world which could lead to endless possibilities.

When children make this pledge, with the help of their teachers and parents, they are trusted and encouraged to embrace reading as a leisure activity but we need to lead by example and encourage them to read more, whether in school or at home, as much as possible. Therefore, we are also asking adults – education professional, businesses, parents and friends – to make their own pledge to make reading a priority for our children.

Following the launch of the Middlesbrough Promise in June 2018, forward planning is underway to build on the momentum of the event and secure the commitment of key stakeholders.

In the meantime, each and every one of us has a responsibility to promote the enjoyment of reading through the Middlesbrough Promise, therefore we ask you to share your own personal ‘Middlesbrough Promise’ and to share your current read as part of your e-mail footer, for example:

I support the Middlesbrough Promise and I am currently reading: ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte

Pledge to the Promise

Please support the promise by confirming you will pledge to help Middlesbrough improve their literacy levels by inspiring them to read more books in the classroom and at home. Email the team today at schoolimprovement@middlesbrough.gov.uk

Words for Life website

The Words for Life website is an excellent tool for parents to learn how they can introduce their children to reading, poetry, new learning skills and much more with the overall aim of helping to raise national literacy levels.

The website is the National Literacy Trust’s website specifically for parents – please do encourage parents to visit this website.

Parents will be able to gain useful tips from top authors, find out about the latest ‘recommended reads’ that children will love, and there’s lots of fun information on family reading games and downloadable activities.

You can point families and parents to the website here > http://www.wordsforlife.org.uk/