“It’s all good!”

So have you landed the job you want? Are you on the course you wanted? Well done you, all that hard work is paying off! Hopefully its living up to your expectations in which case have you thought about where you are going next? Perhaps you might be thinking about going to Uni, maybe you are thinking about part time study to help you get that promotion in the job you are in? The websites below can help you work out what the next right step might be for you.

“I need a change!”

If that job you are doing or that course you are studying is not doing it for you, it’s never too late! There is lots of help available to make sure that you are happy doing your thing and if you are not there is advice to help you change direction! Check out the really helpful information on the sites below, or meet Middlesbrough people and find out how they are achieving their dreams and guess what, it wasn’t always straightforward!

Apprenticeships or Further Education? Careers advice

Some of us know exactly what we want to do in the future, maybe you want to be a vet, a beautician or perhaps a deep sea diver? If you know what you want to do next it’s important that you know the steps you need to take to get there. Below are some great information sources which will help you achieve your dreams:

There are different routes you can take to achieve your dreams from apprenticeships to going to college then going to University. Different routes are right for different people. To help you make plan what your next move will be check out the information below: