Early Words Together

The Early Words Together continued to be delivered in several Middlesbrough schools throughout 2019, with positive impact reported.

The Middlesbrough Hub was a pilot area for the Early Words Together programme, which uses volunteers to empower parents to support their children literacy, at local children’s centres. Over the pilot, the programme helped the number of children reaching the expected communication and language level to increase by 20.1 percentage points. The average for children in non-Early Words Together schools increased by only 14.8 percentage points compared to the national average increase of only 8.1 percentage points.

13 primary schools participated in the Early Words Together programme between 2016 and 2017. There was a 7.2 percentage point increase in the number of children in Early Words Together schools who achieved an overall good level of development while the increase in non-Early Words Together schools was only 3.8 percentage points. The national average increased by 4.4 percentage points.  The gap between Early Words Together schools and the national average decreased from 10.9 percentage points to 8.1 percentage points.