Who Are We

The School Readiness Team consists of The Family Information Service, Stainsby and Bright Stars nurseries and our Children’s Centre’s.

What do we do

Our role is to provide information, advice and guidance to families with children under 5 years old when it is needed at the right time and in the right way. This could be digitally, virtually, via telephone or in some cases face to face in Children’s Centre’s. We work with our partner agencies like midwifery and health visiting to offer this information at set points during a child’s life. By doing this we hope to help you in your role as a parent to prepare your child for nursery and school and keep you up to date with your child’s early education entitlements.

How can we help you

Facebook page

Our Facebook page @fismiddlesbrough is filled with regular activity posts with ideas to try out with your little ones at home, posts that focus on learning and development to help you understand how children learn and how you can support this, as well as links to lots of other information that as a parent of a baby or young child you will find very helpful. We regularly include the link to our online registration form and the page is a great way to ask for information via private messaging where we will be more than happy to respond to your requests.

Early Years Literacy Pathway

Early Literacy begins with you, children who have been read to and sung with at home start nursery with important early literacy skills, they are prepared for learning to read.

To help you to support your child’s early literacy development, at touchpoints in their life, you will receive free books along with positive messages to remind you of the importance of sharing books, stories, songs and rhymes.


(Healthy Exercise & Nutrition for the Really Young)

Henry sessions have been developed to support you as parents with children aged 0-5 years to increase your skills and knowledge to develop healthier lifestyle habits and understand the benefits of this. It helps to increase and build on what you as a parent already know,  developing your knowledge and skills around healthy family eating and behaviours, the benefits of physical exercise, promotes emotional wellbeing to support your family to develop these healthy lifestyle habits.

You can request to attend these sessions by contacting your health visiting service by calling 0300 303 1603 or Family Information Service 01642 354200 or messaging us through our Facebook page

Early Years Workshops

Being a parent can be the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding. Our 4 sessions provide strategies and ideas to help improve family life and children’s development. Sessions include:

Understanding children’s behavior

Child led play

Time Out

Behavior to Ignore……. and lots more!

You will receive a copy of The Parenting Puzzle book to accompany the workshops.

These sessions are easy to access via WhatsApp or a phone call and can be requested by simply calling 01642 354200 or messaging us through our Facebook page.

Amazing Babies Sessions 

Following the birth of your new baby you will be invited to one of our amazing babies sessions that run from our Children’s Centre’s.  These sessions will provide you with lots of information and practical activities to help you support your baby’s learning and development all based on using no cost, low cost resources that you can find around your home. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other mums and dads and share your experiences of being a new parent.

A2YO nursey place

Your child may be entitled to 15 hours of free education when they are 2 years old. You will be informed by letter the term before your child turns 2 if you are entitled to this and shortly after will receive a call from a member of our team who will explain this entitlement to you and support you to find a place if necessary. For more information please refer to Childcare Choices