Our aim is to make sure every child and young person in Middlesbrough has equal access to high quality education, which increases and improves their life chances, through achieving the best possible outcomes at every stage of their learning journey and beyond.

Our strategy

The Learning and Education Strategy sets out how we will combine our efforts and resources to fulfil two key promises: no child is left behind, and no school is left behind.

MCM Learning & Education Strategy

No child is left behind

We will:

  • work to improve the educational outcomes of Middlesbrough’s most disadvantaged children and young people, giving them a better start in life, comparable to their peers
  • provide the best start in education, helping all learners to flourish, achieve high, and attain well, from Early Years through to Key Stage 4
  • make sure there are enough places in Middlesbrough schools for all Middlesbrough children, including those with Special Educational Needs and disabilities, and work with schools and families to improve attendance.

No school is left behind

We will:

  • support every Middlesbrough school and setting to achieve a Good or Outstanding Ofsted rating

Our mission is to show children who are educated in Middlesbrough that they matter. Our children deserve the best possible experience in education, including high quality learning and teaching, to make sure they thrive.

We recognise there are some factors outside of our influence which also impact on children and young people’s ability to make academic progress. However, this work, informed by the actions of the Children and Young People’s Partnership, aims to tackle every aspect in our power to improve the lives and outcomes of children and young people in Middlesbrough. It is underpinned by the following core Partnership principles:

  • Improving the lives of children is at the heart of everything we do and decide
  • We focus on strengths and building resilience
  • We prioritise prevention and intervening at the earliest point
  • We aim for fairness in outcomes and narrowing the gap of inequality
  • We listen to children, young people, and families, and respond