How to refer to Speech and Language

The service offers an open referral system. Referrals can be made by doctors, health, education and social care professionals, as well as carers, young people, and their representatives.

Referral forms are available for professionals.

Parents / carers / clients are welcome to call the office and we will be happy to support them to self-refer. Alternatively, teachers, health visitors, GPs etc. are able to refer on behalf of the client if they are asked to do so.

Who do we work with?

Children and young people from birth to 19, or 25 if they have an Education Health Care Plan, with speech, language, communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

The team

We have specialist and generalist therapists and therapy assistants who work with children with speech, language and communication needs in the following areas: autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, physical disabilities (including providing communication aids), dysphagia (swallowing), specific speech and language impairments, dysfluency (stammering), voice disorders, cleft lip/palate, speech and language delay and hearing impairment.


Speech and language therapy service
2 Trinity Mews
North Ormesby Health Village
North Ormesby

Contact details

Phone: 01642 944488