Middlesbrough Council

Middlesbrough Council takes a leading role in the Learning Middlesbrough school improvement programme, working closely with other members of the partnership to ensure its success.

Quality education is the key to good life chances for all. The Council is therefore committed to working with schools, colleges, universities, and other partners to ensure that children and young people have access to the highest standard of education.

This enables them to achieve the right qualifications and skills to compete in the job market, set high ambitions for the future, and ultimately, to lead fulfilling lives.

In addition to supporting schools through the funding process and subsequent projects, the Council leads the communication element of the programme by sharing best practice and promoting success to internal and external stakeholders.

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Learning Middlesbrough

Within the Learning Middlesbrough partnership, teaching schools are represented by three alliances:

  1. Middlesbrough Schools Teaching Alliance (MSTA)
  2. Middlesbrough Catholic Schools’ Partnership (MCSP)

Acklam GrangeMacmillan Academy, and Outwood Academy make up the secondary teaching schools.

They are focused on the three key priorities of teaching schools as determined by the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL):

  • recruit and retain
  • school to school support
  • high quality professional development, including leadership at all levels

The alliances develop teachers, leaders, and managers who are effective, inspirational, and able to meet the needs of Middlesbrough’s learners. A range of training opportunities are available to enhance the careers of those working in education, from newly qualified teachers to aspiring school heads.

In addition to developing high quality education leaders, the alliances provide support for schools, working from a belief that all schools can work together to share good practice and support each other.

A range of strategies are available for schools to access, with both national and local evidence that school-to-school support can lead to significant improvements in student outcomes.

Teaching school system leaders

For the local LLE list, please click here: LLE List

For the central SLE record, please click here: SLE List

Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership (MAP)

Middlesbrough Achievement Partnership (MAP) is a partnership between Middlesbrough schools, the Local Authority, and a wide range of external partners. It includes primary, secondary, and special schools, regardless of status.

Our aim is that:

Together we will secure a brighter future for all Middlesbrough children and young people.

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MAP works in collaboration, signposting and offering research and development opportunities, sharing best practice, piloting and developing provision and support, and building pathways which help every child and young person to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

MAP is working as part of Learning Middlesbrough to address key barriers that impact on children and young people’s achievement.

MAP’s current priorities within the partnership are:

  • removing barriers to learning
  • parental and family engagement
  • careers and employability
  • transition

MAP is driven by a board of Head Teacher representatives from primary, secondary, and special schools, along with representatives from Middlesbrough Council, Public Health, and governors.

If you would like to be involved in the work of MAP, please contact us via email: map@middlesbrough.gov.uk.